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Army Tents

Army Tents Manufacturer in Delhi, Army Tents Supplier in Delhi, Army Tents in Delhi, Army Tents Price in Delhi. Army Tents used during emergencies or natural calamities. These tents are made of single fly having two layers of cloth i.e. outer waterproof canvas with yellow/green lining as per requirement.

These are rectangular in shape having a width of 12ft (366cm). The doors with open-able curtains are provided on one of the length side of the tent and all the other three sides are closed having window all around with mosquito nets and open able curtains. The tent is supported by three/four standing poles as per size and two/three ridge poles.

The walls are supported by standing bamboo poles. The tent can be divided in separate rooms by giving cloth partitions as per requirement. The tent is packed along with the accessories in one bag or separately as per the size and weight of the tent. .