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Plastic Tarpaulins

Plastic Tarpaulins Manufacturer in Delhi, Plastic Tarpaulins Supplier in Delhi, Plastic Tarpaulins in Delhi, Plastic Tarpaulins Price in Delhi. Tarpaulin are made-up by using high grade plastic or pvc fabric as base fabric, which is coated by both sides with industrial grade PVC granule plastic & the coating process for the PVC coating ensuring a high degree of PVC base fabric. We have the professionals who ensure the product matches exact shade requirements of the customers. These Plastic tarpaulins are used for all types Truck Tripal, Building Structures Tarpaulin, Hanger & Exhibition Covers Tarpaulins, These Traps Covers are also used in different areas like Agriculture to Army Defense . The tarpaulins are available in wide range of colours and as well as double side or single side coated as desired by customers.

Plastic Tarpaulins GMS
Tarpaulins are graded and measured by GSM. This is basically a measure of the weight and thickness of the material from which the tarpaulin manufacture red.

GSM Specification :

Gsm - 70
Gsm - 90
Gsm - 120
Gsm - 150
Gsm - 200
Gsm - 250
Gsm - 300
• Sizes-6*6 to 100*100
and also by customer need and specifications

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